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Kacy Paide

The Inspired Office
Office Organizing Consultant
Silver Spring, MD

Organizing is the only career Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office has ever known.  She started her organizing business and joined NAPO in 2001, fresh out of college.  In 2008 she took some advice to find her passion, leading her to specialize in offices and paper - much needed in her hometown of Washington, DC.  Embracing a love/hate relationship with marketing, she has come to focus on a trifecta of teaching what she loves to do by (1) sending a weekly newsletter for the past 7 years, (2) maintaining her Inspired Office blog, and (3) teaching through video on her YouTube channel.  She started her channel 4 years ago and has grown it to 5000 subscribers and over 300,000 views.  She left her beloved Bengal cat and a beautiful east coast fall to share with you everything she has tried and tested about building fans and turning them into lifelong clients.